Frog Mountain is a company that is grounded in its passion for providing pure, natural cannabis oil to Alaska. Using science and advance C02 extraction equipment in our lab, we have developed a wholly unique process to extract and purify cannabis components. The key to a superior cannabis oil is terpenes. Terpenes are the botanical element that provides the feeling you get from our products. Think aromatherapy. We hold ourselves to the highest standards to provide a clean, pure product with no additives.

Our journey started five years ago. Starting out in Washington state Frog Mountain partnered with Ladera Farms to start testing the new Eden Labs 5 Leiter High Flow c02 Extractor. Once marijuana was legalized in Alaska, the operation expanded and moved back to our home state. Co-Ower Jason Pfeifer is the lead extractor in Ketchikan, Alaska. Extracting cannabis oil is one part art and one part science. Jason has become a master of his craft winning Frog Mountain both the Jack Herer award (2019) for Sativa, and the High Times (2018) Cup for the best vape pen. These illustrious recognitions have made Frog Mountain oil one of the premier products in the state of Alaska.

“Can’t Doesn’t Live Here” is the guiding vision of Frog Mountain LLC. In our lab, we strive to produce the purest, cleanest, most enjoyable extract possible. We are re-defining how cannabis is experienced. The C02 extraction process employed ensures a safe, pure, naturally derived product that brings user experience to an entirely different level. We love sharing our passion and products with all to expand the industry.

If you would like to learn more about our company and owners, visit a recent article written by Alaska Cannabist.

Jason Pfeifer

Owner and Extraction Expert

Jason is the passion and expert behind Frog Mountain C02 Extractions. He has been a leader from the initial stages of legalizing cannabis in the state of Alaska. Jason holds a BS in Business Finance from the University of Alaska.

Jasons honed skills at the art of C02 extraction has lead to his partnership with 02Vape for research and development. Jason is also as a consultant to others in the industry.

Email me: FrogMountainco2@gmail.com

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