CO2 Extraction is the Safe, Natural, and a Superior Method for Cannabis Extraction.

“Can’t doesn’t Live Here” – the flavors, effects, and potential of cannabis oil has limitless potential. New technologies are allowing us to experience the power of the flower, like never before. With C02 extraction, we can deliver the purest, safest, healthiest product to you.

At Frog Mountain, we use nothing but all-natural cannabis, with no additives. The C02 processes we have developed allows us to isolate individual strains in the plant delivering customers an intentional experience. Our labs are able to take out all toxins and impurities in the marijuana plant, only leaving its natural intoxicating effects. Our products focus on highlighting the plant’s terpenes, that allow the consumer to enjoy the botanical effects of the product. Think of fine wine and aromatherapy. Not the marijuana you smoked out of a Coke can in junior high.

The process developed at Frog Mountain takes the plant to a pure extract. We only accept top quality buds to start the process. We then use cutting edge C02 Technology to preserve the flavors and aromas of the plant that we love. This process allows us to create a pure, clean, quality oil that is safe, toxin-free, and a superior hash oil product.


Why are Terpenes so Important?


What are terpenes? Terpene is what you smell when you enjoy cannabis. Think aromatherapy, like with “essential oils.” At Frog Mountain, our process takes top-quality buds and using C02 Extraction; we can produce a clean product with high terpenes. Terpenes are known for there medicinal benefits, as we as there ability to enhance and prolong a high.

It is both an art form and science to extract terpene from the flower of the marijuana plant. Our small batch process uses an Eden Labs C02 extractor to remove all impurities (fats, chlorophyll…) and toxins. What is left is terpenes, that is what gives our oil its aromas and tastes.